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You probably know us but, maybe this will give you better insight into the way Canvas works. Canvas holds the highest level of licensure as a Certified General Contractor. This allows us to build projects ranging from single family homes to high rise commercial buildings.

Though the area is seeing greater full time residency, remote homeowners truly are the standard here. We do our best to compensate for clients being mostly 'in absentee' via our web site, and monthly status reports. Our site includes a homeowner section that allows, architect, homeowners, and anyone they choose, to access current/past progress reports, photos, and important documents. It also allows our clients the interactive ability to make selections (with links to many major manufacturers and brands) and to correspond with us.

  " Canvas holds the highest level of licensure as a Certified General Contractor."
We're very proud of the team we've put together. We handle 100% of carpentry work with Canvas employees. This maintains peak quality control and a continuous stream of production. Additionally we own and operate a Florida State Certified Roofing company and 'top' all of our own projects (a rare niche and an important edge in the coastal construction area). We've worked with our group of subcontractors for years and have developed an intimate working relationship with each. They all, inherently, know what Canvas expects of them.